The Ultimate Lunch Question…Do You Want a SALAD OR CHIPS??

And What is the Most Popular Choice???

NOPE. Not Even Close…


But Healthy Doesn’t STOP with the Salad or Chips Choice…Our Lunch Entrée Specials of Healthy Foods are HOT!!!

The Gulf Salad…A Hearty Shrimp and Guac Salad!

Egg Salad Sailboats….Veggie Oars and a Sun Umbrella on an Open Face Artisan Roll!

Fruit and Veggie Charcuterie Box…Picks for Days!

The NYC Waldorf Salad…Sugared Walnuts Almost Scrape the Sky!

Cottage Melon Boat…This Will Certainly Float Your Boat!

Phone or Text Your Order (505-410-7385) and Answer the Ultimate Question…


Pink Cloud Cafe LOVES Serving Healthy Food that is Oh So FUN!!!

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