About Me

Hi! I’m Jeanne! Welcome to Pink Cloud Cafe…Your Special Retro-Urban Take Out Spot in Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pink Cloud Cafe has been Waiting in the Wings for the Past Two Years…The Pandemic Put a Major Hold on Opening the PINK…

But We held on and are HERE and So Ready to Have Fun with Fabulous Offerings for Breakfast and Lunch and Sacks!


Pink Cloud Cafe is honored to hold a proud position in the lobby of the New Mexico Bank & Trust Building…a 14-story 203 foot tall building built in 1961…the 6th tallest building in the City of Albuquerque.

Come Take a Look Behind the “Paper” of the 2022 Dramatic Transformation of Pink Cloud Cafe…

The Original Snack Bars…Helen’s Place…Betty’s Place…Martian Bob’s…Ready for a Major Transformation!

Ancient Floors Removed down to the Concrete.

Shiny New Commercial Sinks Delivered…

The Tiny Space…barely 140 square feet…is so ready for a Paint Upgrade…

Working Safe through the Pandemic…Measuring for Wainscoting.

The 1930’s Stove Prepped for a New Role…The Order Counter.

It’s getting real!

A Tiny Peek through the Doorway…Construction Work is Moving Along…

Picking Luxury Vinyl Floor Tile…Pink and Black Squares.

One Chance to Select a Floor Pattern Design…

We are Ready for Bold. Bold is Good!

Wow~ It is Coming Together!

Time to Design the Logo…Pink Cloud Cafe – Fun in a Sack!

Paint and Backsplash Tile In the House….Jet Black Walls. White Marble Tiles. Pink Wainscoting.

Now the Serious Stuff…Electric. Plumbing.

The Mid-Century Modern Chandelier…Massive, yet Airy, in Brass and Glass. Beautiful!

Equipment…Fridge…Tables…and Artwork! Time to Unwrap and Get Going!!

Pink Cloud Photos from Around the World…and My Own Backyard.

Guess the Locations!

Love a New Mexico Sunset…Taken while Driving on University(!)

Almost Ready for the Grand Opening!

And You Always Need a Bit of Swag! Pink Cloud Necklaces…Sweet!

Opening Day Jitters!

But Tons of Fun!!

Come Say Hello! Let Us Show You What We Can Do!!!